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Store Policies


We do not collect personal information from you via this website (, neither does this site serve cookies to track your activity.

We may collect voluntary information from you through personal communications (via e-mail, mail, telephone, or fax) in order to process an order or to improve your experience as a customer. While said disclosure of information by you is voluntary, certain information (such as name and address) may be required in able to successfully process an order. We may keep this information on file to be utilized in the event of a recall or other problem with your order. We will not use this information for uninvited solicitation; nor will we sell this information; nor will we communicate this information to third parties without your express written consent, except in conjunction with our services to you (such as providing a delivery service with your name and address) or as required by law.

We utilize various online venues in the course of doing business, including (but not necessarily limited to) Etsy (, PayPal (, and Facebook (; we agree to abide by their respective privacy policies concerning the information collected from you (including payment data) via these sites.

If you have any questions about your privacy or how we utilize information we collect, or any other questions or concerns, please contact us via the methods listed on our contact page.

Returns & Exchanges

Please be advised that all sales are considered final once the item has been shipped. We do not accept any outright returns on diapers (even ones that do not fit) due to the nature of the product, except in certain circumstances as covered by our Warranty (see below). This includes items that have not been washed or used, as there would be no way for us to guarantee for future customers that any restocked items were unused, despite your good faith. On that account, please be certain of your choice before completing any purchase.

However, as noted above, we do offer a Warranty for our products, which may cover dissatisfaction with the product due to flaws in craftsmanship, etc. Please see the section below for more information on returns, repairs, and exchanges covered under such circumstances.

If you have made a purchase and changed your mind but your item has not yet shipped, please call us at (253) 293-5509 as soon as possible so that we can cancel the transaction before the sale is considered final. If you are not able to reach us by phone you may e-mail, but please be advised that your message may not be received in time (we usually receive e-mails within 48 hours).


At Bumdrums, we stand behind our products. This Warranty covers all diaper components, including closures, elastics, and waterproofing, and expires one year past the date of purchase. Except when caused by manufacturing or component defect, this Warranty does not cover leaking, odors, staining, any problems arising from improper care (see care guidelines), or normal wear and tear. Warranty is void under any of the following circumstances:

  • Due care has not been exercised in handling the diaper. Diaper is not a toy.
  • Harsh washing methods, laundry detergents, or laundry additives have been used on a regular basis.
  • Chlorine bleach has been used on parts containing waterproof laminate (includes PUL covers and pocket/AI2 shells).
  • Parts containing waterproof laminate or elastics have been brought to temperatures exceeding 140ยบ F.
  • Diaper has been altered or repaired by an unauthorized entity. Contact Bumdrums for repairs.
  • Diaper was purchased secondhand or through an unauthorized retailer.

To make a warranty claim, contact Bumdrums through one of the methods listed on our contact page. Customer must present proof of purchase or claim will not be accepted. Further arrangements will be made on a case-by-case basis. If defective item is to be returned to us, we may refund the purchase price, repair, or replace the item, at our discretion. If we determine that the item was not defective, we may provide the customer with instructions on how to resolve the problem. Customer will be responsible for shipping expenses unless otherwise determined by Bumdrums.

While this Warranty does not grant to customer any automatic rights to refunds, repairs, or exchanges, we promise to handle these matters in a conscientious manner. If you are not happy with our products or service, please let us know. You may also leave us feedback in our Etsy store or on our Facebook page. Thanks for choosing Bumdrums!

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