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Using Your Bumdrums

Please wash your diapers before first use. See our care guidelines for information on washing your diapers.

Adjusting the Rise on OS (One-Size) Diapers

Bumdrums diapers are available in two rise adjustment styles. Diapers with a "combination rise adjustment" system have a 3x3 configuration of snaps (located below the waist snaps on the front panel of the diaper) plus adjustable leg and/or waist elastics. All others are made with a "classic" system, with a 2x3 snap configuration and no adjustable elastics. Our foldable OS inserts are designed to work with either system.

Combination System

To adjust the diaper to fit your baby, connect the male row of the front rise snaps with the corresponding row of female snaps for the Small, Medium, or Large setting (row for smallest setting is furthest down from the male row). The adjustable elastic is intended for fine-tuning the fit of the diaper about the legs, to accomodate both chubby- and skinny-legged babies. The three sizing snaps are located along the length of the elastic; simply locate the ends of the elastic closest to the back of the diaper (inside the pocket in a pocket diaper or under the back flap of a cover), completely turn out and expose the snap (or you will have trouble unsnapping it), and re-fasten the snap in place according to your desired tension.

Classic System

To adjust the diaper to fit your baby, connect the male row of the front rise snaps with the corresponding row of female snaps for the Small, Medium, or Large setting (row for smallest setting is furthest down from the male row).


OS pocket diaper and AI2 inserts are designed to be folded in whichever way best accomodates your baby. These inserts measure approximately 11"x15". We suggest folding the short way in quarters (to achieve a rectangle about 11"x3.75") for Small and Medium sizes. You can fold in thirds the long way (to achieve a rectangle about 15"x3.65") for size Large or in order to fold down one end to get more absorbency where your baby needs it.

AIO (All-In-One) Diapers

Arguably the simplest form of reusable diapers available, AIOs do not require any special folding or stuffing, and are put on baby almost exactly as one would a disposable. Open the diaper and lay the baby on top, so that the back elastic is under the baby at the level of her navel. Raise the front of the diaper and fasten the snaps evenly on each side. The leg elastic should gently gather about the legs, not too tightly but leaving no gaps. You're done! To remove, simply follow these steps in reverse, knock off any solid waste into the toilet, and store in a dry pail until wash day.

AI2 (All-In-Two) and Pocket Diapers

All-In-Two and pocket diapers are almost identical to AIOs, except that the inner soaker pad (the insert) is removable instead of being sewn in, in order to reduce drying time and facilitate adding absorbency. For AI2s, simply fold the insert and snap into place before putting on baby as you would an AIO. For pocket diapers, stuff the insert (or inserts, depending on absorbency desired) into the pocket opening instead of snapping it in. When soiled, knock any solid waste into the toilet, remove pocket diaper inserts (AI2 inserts may remain snapped in), and store everything in a dry pail until wash day.

Covers and Prefolds/Fitteds

This is another two-piece system, similar to the pocket style, except the absorbent piece (the prefold or fitted) is fastened onto the baby before putting on the separate waterproof cover. For your trouble, you get some added benefits: an extra barrier at the legs, which aids in containing messes, and the option of reusing the cover (wipe out and air dry if so desired). After removing a dirty prefold or fitted, knock solid waste into the toilet and store in a dry pail until wash day. Covers can be reused several times or until soiled.

To fasten on a fitted, first fold in the side panels/flaps (included for extra absorbency) over the edge of the leg elastics so that they lay along the center of the diaper (fold the flap with the care tag in first to keep it from bothering baby.) Finish fastening on the fitted as you would an AIO, then put on the cover, ensuring that the absorbent material of the fitted is completely enclosed inside the cover (or you will get leaks).

To put on a prefold, there are several methods you can use. One is to simply fold the prefold in quarters or thirds and position it under the flaps inside the cover, before fastening the whole arrangement on as you would an AIO. It will come out from under the flaps in the wash. The problem with this option is that it does not contain messes as well. Alternatively, lay the cover down as you would an AIO, and then lay the prefold flat atop the cover, with the fold lines running parallel to the length of the cover. Lay the baby down on the prefold, fold the front in thirds, and bring it up to the baby's navel, spreading out the front toward either side. You can fold down the top to adjust the rise of the diaper as needed. Bring the back corners around the hips of the baby to meet the front of the prefold, and fasten in place using diaper pins, a Snappi, or Boingos. Roll the fabric of the prefold inwards at the legs to create a barrier against messes and fasten on the cover, again being sure to check that the prefold is completely enclosed inside the cover.

Allergen alert! Our products are made in a kitty-friendly facility.